Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Original Woodstock Performer is Missing...from her dreams.

This "missing the boat" phenomenon is not only occurring in my conscious life but in my subconscious life as well. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing from my own dreams. In a recurring dream I have, I'm supposed to be on the TONIGHT SHOW, but they can't find me. I'm waiting in the green room to be called. They keep yelling "Ms. Lovey, Ms. Lovey." And I keep saying, "I'm here, I'm here."...I'm never found and Bette Midler goes on as my replacement.

Another dream is about yet another movie I'm missing from. Only it's my father's film, an honest, unambitious lawyer, underwear salesman and sometimes poet who's producing the film. Someone comes running up to my Dad and says "Albert, how come you didn't use your younger daughter in the film? He says, "I'm really not that familiar with her work"

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