Sunday, June 14, 2009

Earthlight Girl

I procrastinated and agonized over the title of this blog. I'm a double Pisces with my moon in Gemini which means I'm very good at procrastinating and agonizing.

I just love the idea of "The Tie-Dyed Diaries." It gives me such a rush. But then I'm easy that way.......that's how we folks from the 60's are. Notice that we're the only generation that says "I'm from the 60's" rather than say "I'm from Boston or L.A."......which is where I'm actually from. Born in Boston and I have lived in LA for the last 40 years. Three weeks after I performed with Earthlight Theatre at the Woodstock Festival in '69 , we bought a bus with the one-thousand dollars we received as payment and moved out to California,
and, of course, we painted the bus with blue and turquoise clouds.

"The Missing Woodstock Stories" refers to the obvious.....and then again "missing" could refer to parts of stories that hippies who were at Woodstock can't remember because it was too long ago, we were too stoned, and we're just too old. You know that cliche slogan, "if you remember the 60's you weren't really there।"

I feel I'm beating this "missing" thing into the ground, but there's no one to stop me. Missing are the people that never made it to Woodstock and had important things to say about it; like Joni Mitchell who wrote the festival's national anthem "Woodstock", and a guy named Ed bicycling on Venice beach last week that I met, who claimed "Woodstock changed the universe."

Lastly, "missing" are those that are no longer with us and have moved on to that great never ending summer of love in the sky. O.K. so, missing also refers to the fact that I'm only represented in Ang Lee's feature film "Taking Woodstock" as "Earthlight girl". Can you imagine... Me? S. Rachel Lovey, veteran actor, stand-up comic & producer, who was honored and roasted at the Friar's Club, elder states person of Woodstock (hell anyone who was at Woodstock is now an elder states person except for the babies that were born there.) is not actually in the movie. I'm missing! The Earthlight Theatre troupe was an integral part of the organization of The Woodstock Festival, and I'm missing?